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Gaging Fixture Applications

Special gaging fixtures for injection molded parts

Injection molded parts can be manufactured rapidly and at low cost. Measuring such parts, however, can be difficult. Suitable instruments are not available and reference surface points on the part to be measured are generally very small or nonexistent. PRETEC has designed the required gaging fixture for several of these injection molded parts which allows efficient measurement of several measuring areas.

When loading the part(s), it is necessary to make sure that they are securely placed and can be clamped without becoming distorted. The shape or form of the part often requires special measuring tips to achieve a consistent measuring result.

Pneumatic measurement of the distance between the axes

With this instrument, the distance between two axes can be measured both simply and quickly. Not only can measuring plugs be exchanged according to the required diameter, but the distance of the axes as well as the vertical position of the measuring plugs can also be adjusted.  In order to take measurements, the gaging fixture must be set up with either a setting master or a master piece with accurately polished axes.

Checking device for runout with special equipment 

This checking device has been based on PRETEC standard components and specially modified to measure the runout of the front surface of small parts. The friction wheel is used to rotate the work-piece. The probe with adjustable measuring force will be placed in optimum position to get a reliable measuring result. Duration of measurement and stabilization time can easily be adjusted by 2 potentiometers. Other applications upon request.

Fully automatic measuring and sorting machine for shafts

A 2.7 mm dia. and 50 mm length shaft is measured and sorted at the 14 µm tolerance and the parts are then classified in 1 accepted and 1 rejected class.
The capacity of the machine runs approximately 800 parts per hour.


Measuring device for synthetic part for electric tooth brush.

 On this device we measure one inside diameter and the width of a groove at the same time. The parts are positioned by hand. The toggle lever activates the feed motion of the measuring slide. The probes retract automatically.
Readout and calculation of the measured values can be handled by a commercial PC with DataLyzer Spectrum SPC software.

Gaging fixture to measure connecting rods

Measurement before manufacturing
PRETEC has developed a measuring device, which is used to measure connecting rods before they are in manufacturing process. This allows for the separation of the pieces which are out of tolerance and would cause undesirably high costs. Inside and outside diameters as well as several points on the connecting rods are measured by PRETEC probes. This determines the suitability of the part for further processing.

Gaging fixture to measure aluminum tube ID, OD, Wall thickness, Arc  

PRETEC has designed and built a measuring device, which is used to measure aluminum tubes from 1.0 - .10.0 inch diameter and  11.0 - 59.0 inch length. Automatic activation and retraction of transducers and transfer of measurents to a Computer



Hand free measurements DataLyzer Spectrum SPC Software

(Plastic Molding)

Stephen Computer Services has designed and built a Statistical Process Control Software Package, which is used to measure the part and upload the data to the DataLyzer Spectrums import file. measurements aluminum tubes from 1.0 - .10.0 inch diameter and  11.0 - 59.0 inch length. Automatic activation and retraction of transducers and transfer of measurents to a Computer


Gaging fixture gallery

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Copyright©, 2004 Reliable Measuring Systems,

Copyright©, 2004 Reliable Measuring Systems,